theory – “wisdom is not a path, it is a tree” {aka: i give up part 3}


While reading, These is my Words, yesterday, the words on the page seemed to jump right off to me: “Wisdom is not a path, it is a tree.” 

The beautiful book for me, began as a gripping adventure in the frontier…danger and excitement, sorrow, and joy.  But soon I began to savor all of the lessons in relationships, marriage, and motherhood.

As the main character, Sarah, is struggling to accomplish all that is required of her as a mother and wife, she still has a desire to learn.  It is a great desire.  So great that it hurts her at times.  She feels disappointed and powerless.

Long after a friend shared the quote above, she realized it’s verity.  She explains that before, she felt stuck in one place, unable to learn to her heart’s content.  Then she learned that she “can stay in one place and spread in all directions, and (I) can do more learning shading this brood of mine than if I was all alone.”

How often do we feel this way as mothers, as women…like our lives aren’t happening as planned, or that we just can’t accomplish all that we want to right now?

Let us forget the road less traveled or the path untaken…the road too far beyond the horizon.  May we plant ourselves in rich soil and tend to our growth and to the growth of those around us.

May we spread out in every direction.  When we are scared, may we discover a way to the knowledge that will bring comfort.  When we are weak, may we water our roots and rely on those we love so dearly to support us.  When we are able, may we do the same for those around us; within our reach, as well as beyond. 

May we grow, reaching, forever reaching higher.  Never giving up on learning, on becoming…truly, never giving up!

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