delight – watching the leaves


This afternoon, I sat reading the last few chapters of a new favorite book: These is my Words by Nancy Turner.  The explorer was taking a nap…so was the designer, beside me on the couch.  The dancer and builder were happily enjoying quiet time together in the loft. 

As I read, the only real distraction (other than an occassional dancer needing a dress-up change or adjustment), were the beautiful yellow leaves falling from the Aspen outside the window. 

Every time the wind blew, a new group of leaves would take off.  My eyes would tear from the pages to savor their flight…hoping it wouldn’t be the end of their great migration.

Their travels reminded me of the peace within my heart.  It has been a good week.  A very good week. 

  • I feel a bit more caught up from the whirlwind of September. 
  • We enjoyed dinner with my brother and artful cousins, their spouses, and darling Eli. 
  • The kiddos and I enjoyed another week of preschool, spent time with our friends at playgroup, and enjoyed the latest exhibits at the MOA
  • We also braved a trip to the dealership for the Sienna’s maintenance…the kiddos were beyond good…i feel blessed!
  • My brother again took the kiddos and played with them on the Provo Temple grounds so that the designer and I could attend.  We love you Sean-bob!

A while later, the dancer and I basked in the sun together.  Enjoyed the leaves, watered the herbs hanging on in our hillside and potted garden of sorts.  She ate oatmeal and the builder some cereal for a snack on the rainbow blanket.  The explorer woke and was ecstatic to join us outside.  So did his dad.  None of the kiddos were willing to wear pants.  It was too nice out.  We chatted with some of our neighbors whom we’ve come to adore.

As I reflect on this past week I feel so grateful for Seasons, for family, for friends, for loved ones, for change and for consistency. 

And for those beautiful leaves…


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