kiddo daily delight – favorite alphabet books

Every week we use at least one more alphabet or abc book during preschool.  We’ve been reading some amazing abc books that are worth mentioning.  Some we have already been using in our kiddo daily delights, some are new to us.  Not surprisingly, most of them have come from the library (thank you Jamaica)!  I’ve begun a new amazon page where I can keep them all together.  I’m sure we’ll have another list of books within the next month or so, but here are some of our favorites:

  1. a is for aphabet  A is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet by Stephen Johnson (He also wrote the popular Alphabet City
  2. Edible Alphabet by Bonnie Christensen
  3. somanybunnies  So Many Bunnies by Rick Walton
  4. drseussabc  Dr. Seuss’ ABC by Dr. Seuss
  5. animalstackers  Animal Stackers by Jennifer Belle
  6. aapplepie  A Apple Pieby Gennady Spirin
  7. humanalphabet  The Human Alphabetby Philobolus
  8. creatureabc  Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman
  9. misformasterpiece  M is for Masterpieceby David Domeniconi
  10. wisforwoof  W is for Woof by Ruth Strother
  11. artfulaphabet  The Artful Alphabet by Martina Jirankova-Limbrick
  12. missbindergarten   Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate
  13. ericcarleabc  Eric Carle’s ABCby Eric Carle
  14. chickachicka  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

What are some of your favorite alphabet books that we don’t want to miss?

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