delight – the dancer is 3! (photos from her ballerina party)

08.09 430

Dearest dancer,

Here it is: your third birthday on the 3rd of October.  So much I hope to remember so I can share with you one day…

  • the way you take care of the explorer
  • how you love to join the builder in his adventures, yet also know if you don’t want to get on board
  • the importance of creating every afternoon with your crayons, paint, artsticks, pastels, and stickers
  • that I find delight in spotting you deep in conversation with this book or that…
  • how you dance or twitter wherever you go and love to watch your pixie-like reflection in the oven door
  • your ever-growing knowledge of colors, the alphabet, sorting, numbers, cooking, etc.
  • how much you look forward to Nursery, Music Together with Miss Kristi
  • that you needed to be a part of the Primary Program a few weeks ago…to stand and sing with your Dad and Holly
  • your love of music and singing, dress-ups, carrying items in your purse (“my stuff,” as you call it)
  • how you love to give kisses and will occasionally still wipe them from your cheeks
  • your determination and independence
  • your love of family and friends
  • how you will click your tongue and lick your lips when you have a task at hand or are understanding something

Mostly, I want you to know how much we all adore you and that no matter what you choose to be or what to learn or create, we will always be here to support and love you.  You are one lovely ballerina princess.  We love you very much!



10.09 006

As for your birthday party…you and your older brother have become very aware recently of birthday traditions and have been invited to some wonderful parties.  Trying to enjoy and celebrate, but in a simple way, we obliged your GiGi by celebrating yesterday with she, your Nana, and your friends Stevie Kate and her brother Jake.

10.09 020

As we prepared for the party by making your cake and some chocolate treats, we moved the couches and immediately, you kiddos were ready to take on the stage.  You danced, moved, slid across the floor…all while Nana and Gigi were happily applauding you.

10.09 030

Later, you and Stevie recieved your first short dance lesson.  We put together your new puzzle and you blew out your candles…it was a wonderful party!

10.09 037

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