discovery – janice trane jones fine art


Happy days…computer is back and well.  🙂  Want to share the new beauties hanging in our home:


Janice Trane Jones is my latest art friend in the Heber Valley.  She has been painting a mere 4 years, but has accomplished so much!  An incredible talented gal…a hero of mine.  Zion National Park chose her as an artist in Residence Fall of ’08.  Both of these paintings were done just outside of the cabin where she lived. 

Check out Janice’s website as well as her etsy shop.  You’ll be sure to be charmed by her as I have been.  Thank you Janice!

One thought on “discovery – janice trane jones fine art

  1. That’s always sounded so perfect to me, to be an “artist (or, in my case, “writer”) in residence” — much less @ Zion national park, my favorite park in the whole entire universe!!! Lovely art!

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