hello hello…

Gosh, I miss you friends.  I have missed my email, and yes, even facebook this week as the designer’s computer kaputed Tuesday evening.  I’m at Berg Engineering trying to catch up on emails and hoa stuff.  I hope to be back online soon.  🙂  Till then, have a wonderful weekend!

The builder’s Primary Program debut is tomorrow (my favorite Sunday of the entire year).  We aren’t expecting him to give his one liner at the mic (even though he can do it perfectly at home), but I know he’ll be singing his heart out…especially the “builder song,” as he calls it.  I’m hoping the dancer will be okay about watching, and not try to join the Primary Children in the stand.  Thank goodness she will be in Primary next year.  🙂

Luvs to you all,

katrina, trina, delightsgal…your momentarily lost online friend 🙂

7 thoughts on “hello hello…

  1. hi Trina, my computer evaporated in one second 2 weeks ago. all gone. i know how you are feeling. couldn’t recover a thing.
    hope you get it back soon, good luck tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy tomorrow. I LOVE those programs: they’re my favorite programs of the year tomorrow.

    And so sorry to hear about your computer. Yuck.

  3. Hey, just to let you know, we got some realy fun pictures yesterday, and I am planning on asking you to paint one or two.
    We went down to mt. pleasant over the weekend for a reunion with my dads side of the family.
    We took a tour of Grandma Reva’s home towns from her childhood and saw all of the places she was born and grew up. We got some realy fun footage of her telling us about it all, and are hoping to compile everything together to make a video of it all. Wish you could have been there, I think you would have loved it, but we will make sure to let all the family have a copy of the history, because it is realy special.
    Anyway, I will be working on editing the pictures I got and will post them on my blog, I think it would be fun to have a painting done of one of grandmas old homes, and give it to her for Christmas. I will of course make sure you are paid for it, because you do such a beautifull job, so if you are interested please let me know. : )
    I hope your computer is revived soon! Love your blog posts and I look forward to them!
    love ya!

    • Jules, omg, what a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Of course I am dying to paint her homes! I took photos of she and GRandpa’s home in Provo months ago to paint for her, but it looks different and I haven’t been able to make myself do it.

      I can’t wait to see your photos. And I’m dying to hear the stories! luvs to all of you!

  4. Katrina,
    Once a computer dies it makes you really think about backing up a computer on a regular basis. I back mine up about once a month but I know if I lost all my data I would hate myself for not backing it up daily.
    My newly adopted 5 yr old is a big fan of Bob the Builder but I don’t think he is outgoing enough yet to sing and kind of builder song in front of a group.

    On a business note, I believe one of my small retailer clients would be interested in paying your website $50 (help a little with a new computer) by PayPal in exchange for a small hyperlink in your right navigation (under a category titled “Links” or possibly a new one like “friend sites” or “Supporters”). Let me know if this is of interest to you & I can give you their name & web address & have payment sent within 48 hours.

    Either way keep up the writing, I know you put smiles on faces around the world with this blog of daily delights 😉


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