delight – oquirrh mountain temple dedication

08.09 435

A lovely day spent with family, friends, and a temple dedication shared with the designer.  A perfect day.  Special thanks to Lisa for the kiddo swap, and Stacee for passing along a fabulous article by Kristine Manwaring entitled, My Home as a Temple

As I sat, engulfing each of the inspired talks, I was grateful for the gems within each one, begging for remembrance:

  • the reminder that temple work requires sacrifice
  • gratitude for the perseverance of so many saints leading by example and going great distances, enduring hardships to participate in temple worship
  • gratitude for Sister Ann Dibbs and her valiant work, organizing the needed funds to help Tongan families get to the New Zealand temple
  • the recomitment to attend regularly and stretch a bit farther with my temple worship
  • the reminder to talk often of the temple with the kiddos, answer their queries and take them often
  • the strength and anticipation to be teaching and working with the kiddos this Fall, ensuring our home is a temple
  • making room for the Savior in our home, as President Monson pleaded

Oh, there were more…I may have to add to my list when I am more awake tomorrow.  🙂

p.s.  A couple weeks ago, the dancer wore her blessing dress to church.  (She’ll be 3 on the 3rd of October).  🙂  My mother made the beautiful dress from fabric leftover from my wedding dress.  She also had a temple dress made for me with more of the leftover fabric.  Truly the loaves and fishes of fabric I would say.  🙂  She looks like an angel when she wears it…can’t wait to take her inside the temple one day to do baptisms…

5 thoughts on “delight – oquirrh mountain temple dedication

  1. I loved the dedication as well. I had the opportunity to take my nine year old daughter and watch it through her eyes. We missed the open house due to a death in our family, and watching the slide show of pictures that were played before the session began was a treat. My daughter’s eyes were huge as I explained about the sealing room, where one marries for time and all eternity. It made me realize that with events like this, I can share with her, and solidify the desire for her to live in a way and be worthy to go there. I too must talk with my children about the temple more! Thanks for the lovely post!

    • I was facinated by the youth in attendance, thought about them throughout the session and thought of the beautiful gifts they were receiving. So happy that you were able to share such precious moments with Abbie!

  2. Sounds like you went to the 3 pm session as well. Jared and I left Asher with a non-family member for the first time to go. (He was great!) I, too, felt a renewed commitment to get to the temple more and make sure our children understand how important the temple is. And I loved all the great stories of the sacrifices so many people around the world make to get to the temple.

    • Yes, you are right! I hope they’ll put out a portion of the morning talks soon. Way to go Asher, though probably harder for you and Jared. 🙂 We missed Draper’s open house because we didn’t know who to have tend our kiddos, so worth the work to get there though!

  3. I went to the am session, and it was fantastic, as well. A lot of the talks were directed to the youth in attendance. Plus, Elder Bednar spoke. He was the pres. of BYUI when I was there, so he holds a special place in my heart. I basically felt a renewed desire to make the temple a priority. It was wonderful!!

    I was thinking of going to the Bean museum tomorrow, anyway! What time is the children’s class? e-mail me at

    p.s. My grandma made my wedding dress with a detachable train in hopes that someday we could make a blessing dress for my daughter some day.

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