delight – red butte with reesa

08.09 715

This week was extra special because we got to spend three days with our beloved “Ressa,” my single and adorably talented sister Maresa.  Despite her short break from Physical Therapy School in Las Vegas, she managed to make our week and visit us while on break!  As she drove away yesterday morning, the builder looked on and declared, “Wow.  Reesa so nice to visit us.  I like it when Reesa comes to our house!”  Don’t we all!

08.09 702

The kiddos were so excited to show Reesa around all their favorite spots.

08.09 691

“Hi guys!  Hi guys” says the explorer, waving excitedly.

08.09 674

Everything is an adventure with Reesa.

08.09 672

Peeking out of the hideout.

08.09 658

Fountain fun…it was a perfect day.

Thanks for everything Lady.  Best of luck at UNLV this year…we will miss you!

08.09 722

5 thoughts on “delight – red butte with reesa

    • Oh, I wish this were our yard. 🙂 Next time you’re in UT we’ll take you and your kiddos…it’s at the U, in their botanical garden. Lovely huh!

  1. Your children are adorable! My kids love their single uncle Dave, who lives in Portland. It is always a treat to have him come. Poor guy, though. I think we overwhelm him!

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