discovery – friday favs for 7.24.09


We’ve just returned from our annual Bear Lake trip with the designer’s family.  I’ve got some new paintings to share and fun photos…but till then, here are some of my latest favs in blogs, articles, and more:

hiddeninfrance   hidden in france – meet one of my newest friends and lovely blog stops: Corine.  Nestled in the south of France, she might be hiding in paradise (in my opinion), but she is very much a part of the beauties of every corner of the universe.   Her artful posts cover topics of color, decorating, design, world politics, literature, french culture, and more, and more!   I adore her style , willingness to share her opinions, and eye for beauty found in this post.  Currently, she and her family are in NYC and a visit to her blog is a walking tour of NYC’s best vistas to say the least.  Enjoy your stay Corine, we sure are!  🙂

janethillfireplace    janet hill studio – aren’t these paintings lovely!  I’ve been enjoying Janet’s paintings for a while now and thought some of you would also.  She sells everything she paints (as far as I can tell, and quickly too).  You can see more of her delightful work on her art blog, or in her etsy shop, where she sells prints (including the one to the left as well as the top of this post.  I’m not sure if it is the subjects she paints, the palate, or simply her delicate, feminine details, but I would love to have one of her pieces in our home…just charming!

almondmilk   the milk myth: what a body really needs– new study helps us understand what our body is really lacking and if we are indeed receiving it from the pasteurized milk bought in our grocery stores.  Want to increase your calcium intake?  Eat more calcium rich greens and sesame.  (oh, yeah, the photo is some of our homemade almond milk)  🙂

07.09 016   robert f. kennedy jr and vaccine coverup – via Dr. Mercola, video interview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an informative article on a previous vaccine cover-up from 2000, info on thimerosal, aluminum, and other harmful substances in vaccines.  Autism studies are discussed in the video and article.  Dr. Mercola offers suggestions on how to be better informed about vaccines, timing, and a site that will help you make your decisions.  Your rights as to vaccinations, and how to opt out should you decide to go that route.

What are your favorite finds for the week?  Anything we mustn’t miss out on?

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