development – garden update

07.09 133

Our small garden resides in a planter box outside our condo, and some pots in front of our garage…its not much, but its steadily growing and making each of our family happier in the process.

07.09 103

The explorer is the garden’s latest fan.  He totes our water jugs all over the yard and pretends to water.  He can carry two at a time…it is rather humorous to watch.  When inside, he will grab one and wine at the door until you let him out to do his chores.  🙂

07.09 124

Our happy residents: oregano

07.09 118


07.09 116

heirloom tomatoes

07.09 114


07.09 112

grape tomatoes (looking more orange than green since I’ve taken these photos)

07.09 111

jalepenos…oh, I can’t wait to see what happens here!

Our other two tomato plants have developed blossoms this week, and the french lemon thyme and rosemary that were so badly beaten down with hail in June, are really perking up.

And my all-weather greenhouse dream…still brewing…have to tell you about that one of these days!

What are you most excited about in your garden this Season?

4 thoughts on “development – garden update

  1. Not much has fruited at all due to the heat (105+ almost everyday since the beginning of June), but I’m hoping that the plants still will. I have some 8 foot long pumpkin plants (a bit of a shock for me, actually). If the heat will back off and the rabbits will stay away, then I might have a sporting chance. 🙂

    • 🙂 Where’s Mr. McGregor when you need him? Ours has been out of town! Can’t wait to see your pumpkin patch this fall!

  2. You garden looks great! What varieties of heirloom tomatoes are you growing? Some of my favorites are ‘Aunt Rubies German Green’, ‘Mariana’s Peace’ and ‘Kellog’s Breakfast’. If nothing else, you’ve just gotta love the names of the heirlooms!

    When my hubs and I were first married we did the gardening at a condo thing. It works! Sadly I now have an awesome raised bed pottager style garden with drip irrigation. And it looks like hud this year. Sigh. I MEANT to get more plants going and keep rotating through crops of cut-and-come-again lettuce but it didn’t work out that way.

    Oh- and I’m old- from the USU LA class of ’94! Fun to find others online with similar interests and background.

  3. YOUR garden looks great. I really can spell. Usually. And the only reason it’s sad I have a cute pottager garden is because I didn’t get it PLANTED in such a way that it looks cute. Eyesore is a better descriptor for it right now. LOL! I have to have spell check or I’m toast!

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