delight – bear lake ’09

07.09 340

It was so fun to look at last year’s photos and see how much the kiddos have changed…

This year was exceptionally wonderful.  Perhaps because…

the kiddos had a blast…

07.09 258

or because the new house Traci found was incredible…

07.09 222

or that the dancer got to chill with her idol “big girl” cousins…

07.09 360

or because I had plenty of time to adore our neices…

07.09 345

and nephews…

07.09 310

in all of their complete cuteness…

07.09 298

the explorer’s blissful independence joining his older cousins…

07.09 329

or the builder’s first brave tube ride with his older cousins, tipping into the water and swimming like a champ in his life jacket till the designer killed the boat and jumped in after him…

07.09 250

the grateful  realization that the dancer required 2-3 swim suits per lake visit…(she didn’t like to have a wet suit on)!

07.09 245

Thanks again to all of the Bergs…for keeping the tradition going, for delicious food, planning, and a delightful time!

Scott, Ryan, Katherine, Dale, Melissa, Chad, Charlie, & Sarah:  oh, how we missed you!  Hope to see you there next year!

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