kiddo daily delight – mr. mcmouse by leo lionni


We’re Berg-family-vacationing at Bear Lake this week, so no kiddo daily delight with our friends yesterday.  But here are some mouse books and mouse tales for you to enjoy:

Truly, we lived in mouseville for about a week.  The mouse was in the condo 3 days, in the garage another 3 days (and maybe even another day or two before he got in the condo).  After the unsuccessful trapping, the designer created a barricade that would lead the mouse outside.  But when we woke in the morning, the front door still open, we could tell the mouse was still boarding with us.

Behind the stove, the designer found a new nest made of some sort of insulation.  We pulled the stove out into the front yard, cleaned out the next, swept, mopped every square inch that he had possibly been.  (Actually, I’d been cleaning all week, disgusted by our messy guest).

Outside, the designer was carefully taking apart the stove.  Every once in a while, he could hear the mouse moving around within the oven.  The nest he had made behind the oven was made up of the insulation found within the stove.  (I didn’t even know we had insulation in our stove).  Eventually, he had to stick the handle of the broom down the side and scoop it out.  It ran.   It ran right past the dancer.  Oh, yes, she saw it. 

It ran right back into the garage that was open a measly crack. 

We kept the garage cracked, hoping it would leave.  But it made a new nest in our storage closet.  Monday during lunch, the designer decided we would have to go through every box within the garage, weed out, clean, and find a way to get the mouse out.

It was a big project.  Going on for days, four trips to the Home Depot for shelving supplies (which we are loving), and a few more trips to the donation box, where we gave away things we are not using. 

The kiddos have learned about traps, glue, what animals live in and outside of the house…or at least, our house, and we’ve been reading a library find, Mr. McMouse by Leo Lionni.

In the story, the clever mice are able to escape a cat and a trap.  Similar to our clever mouse that the designer would stay up late at night, to try and chase out of the house. 

The darling book that Jessi suggested is now on my wish list.   It wasn’t at our library, but I will have to request it.  Thanks for the suggestion lady, it looks like a wonderful story.  I read some fabulous reviews.  Here it is, Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley:


Here is Linnea’s website.  She is an incredible designer.  I’m in love with her magnets.

linneabugsThese would be the perfect bugs for the condo…I did see a mouse in her holiday creature magnet collection.  I would let him come in as well.  🙂

p.s.  We found a dead mouse the other night.  It looks smaller than the one the designer and dancer had spotted.  do you think it shrunk, or do you think our houseguest had a side-kick?

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