discovery – friday faves for 7.17.09


Here are some of my favs for the week…spots, articles, and more:

redbeanblog   redbean photogaphy – meet one of my latest friends: Katrina.  No, I haven’t been leaving lovely comments for myself on the daily delights.  🙂  It’s Katrina of Musings of a Redhead.  The gorgeous rose at the beginning of this post is one of her latest.  Not only is she a talented photog, but you can read all about her incredible perspective on life as a natural & creative momma on her blog.

casaneverlandia   casa neverlandia – have you heard of this storybook green home in Austin?  It is incredible.  Restored and renovated by the Talbots, an architect and artist duo, I would love to take a tour one day.  Originally a small bungalow, the roomy cottage with all of their needs is a piece of art itself.  Here is a wonderful article about their building journey, materials used, and fun additions such as a fire pole, and pvc talking pipes.  I would love to do a painting of their charming home!

05.09 914   thank you obama– the administration announced Monday it’s desire to ban antibiotics in the feed of healthy chickens, pigs, and cattle.  Primarily to encourage rapid growth in the animals, farmers will need to seek a veterinarian before using the drugs.  A hearing to discuss details aimed at improving overall human health in our country will be discussed.  Fabulous news.

05.09 081   a chemical reaction – video trailer for upcoming documentary of a town standing up against pesticides in their community.   Definitely needed in our neck of the woods.  I’d love to live by these folks.  Seriously, a weed-free lawn or a healthy community?  Not a hard question in my book. 

dowagroscience   dow agrosciences new pesticide– proposed in four states…no not in our backyard, but will inevitably end up on most of our tables (Georgia, Florida, California and Texas).  Known toxic chemical said to be thousands of times stronger than carbon dioxide.  Just looked at Dow Agro’s website…interesting how they are marketing an ozone preserving image, while doing the opposite: endangering the health of our planet and its inhabitants.  Their only sponsor is Carl’s Jr…what does that say for their goals for the health of our world?

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