kiddo daily delight – kiddo video & barnyard dance by sandra boynton

 07.09 173

These are the dancer’s “Maile dance shoes.”  The first time she wore them was to Maile’s ballet recital.  Nearly everyday you’ll find her wearing a dress and these special shoes…she wants to make sure she is ready to “dance with Maile” at all times. 

Click below to view the kiddos’ first “dance show”:

viva the dance show from trina berg on Vimeo.

Another attempt at fulfilling the dancer’s desire to “dance with Maile.”  The kiddos put on their own dance show.  They loved moving the furniture so we had plenty of room to move and groove.  Sounds like a wonderful tradition for Fridays: cleaning and dancing our hearts out!

I love that the dancer and the builder had their own unplanned solos in this take.  The explorer is happily playing percussion in the background. 🙂

As for a book about dancing…


One of the kiddos’ favorite board books is Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance.  Great rhymes, sing-songy and easy to play with, and plenty of animals to identify and make their sounds. 

07.09 169

Do your kiddos love to dance?  What are their favorite dance tunes?

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