development – plein air paradise ’09: “T-barn”


T-Barn, 16×20″ oil on canvas, SOLD

In the past, plein air paradise has been a dehydrating, sunburning experience.  But true to this entire month of June, I chased the dark clouds after dinner, across the valley, in search of the perfect barn to paint.  There is one near the designer’s childhood home in Old Town Heber…I had it all picked out.  But when I pulled up, the dark clouds made it look so unexciting somehow.  So I drove on main (hwy 40) towards Park City. 

There is a beautiful red barn close to UVU, but it’s been painted a lot, and it’s red.  (Red is the hardest color for me to paint).  Just before the Kubota shop, there is another barn on the hillside.  Smaller, and charming, with a large bottle capped “T” proudly displayed.  Perched in the back of the Sienna, the rain fell as I sketched the scene.  There was just enough light to make the colors come alive.  It was a beautiful night to paint.

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