development – plein air paradise ’09: 138 west 100 south


Day two on the plein air trail.  More like usual, the sun came out, and with a vengeance.  I wasn’t prepared…for the sunburn on my right arm, right leg (ending mid-calf, where my leggings stopped), and the back of my neck. 🙂  The sun’s just making up for it’s absence this month!

Plein Air is never dull.  If you look closely, there are three bugs dead and dried on the painting…one in the sky and a couple others in the bottom of the painting.  There may be more, perhaps hiding within the dark paint.  I’ll try to get them off after the paint dries another day or two.

So there are the bugs, lots of sun, this particular spot had a tractor or large machine drive by every half hour, a tandem bike with two boys, and then coming back only one, kids running by, roosters crowing in the background, and the highlight, or more appropriately, the wildest thing that happened:  I felt a shadow over head, and then felt something land in my lap…bird turd! 

Yes, painting is not always glamorous…but so worth it when the canvas is happily drying on the wall and the designer is having an inner struggle, whether or not it is his favorite painting I’ve ever done.  (He thinks his favorite requires some sort of emotional connection, thus the guilt). 

Fortunately, I’d plopped myself down in the garden of some beautiful, fast friends.  Thanks to the designer for watching the kiddos all day!  I think we’ll try another nightly painting session with a few rain clouds and some wind.  🙂  Looking forward to a couple paint sessions with Fancy Nancy this week!

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