kiddo daily delight – smash crash by jon scieszka


This past week and a half, the kiddos have been absolutely obsessed with Jon Scieska’s Smash Crash, illustrated by David Shannon, Loren Long, and David Gordon (some of my favorites).  Miss Sally (from the Library’s Story Time) had suggested the book, and was she ever brilliant!

We read all about the characters of Truck Town, especially the adventures of Dump Truck Dan and Jack Truck.  These two mischief machines create all kinds of things smashing and crashing.


Here are some of the fun things the kiddos have been creating this week:

More finger painting fun

06.09 444

puzzle scenes…

06.09 483

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

06.09 484

pictorial drawings (hatching dinosaurs)

06.09 562

painting snakes and crocodiles…

06.09 810

birthday letter for Brig:

06.09 885

tracks for cars

06.09 923

baby beds

06.09 924

and using the designer’s old engineering plans for a car’s road:

06.09 926

What fun creative projects have your kiddos been up to this week?


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