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06.09 869

 06.09 832   Is it seriously Friday already?  Oh how the Summer days seem to fly!  We’ll be wading in the pool today…enjoying our lil’ piece of heaven.  🙂

As for my favorites for this lovely week:

giantartjar Dick Blick –  has some amazing deals in their clearance section right now.  This giant Alex art jar is only 11.97, and would surely bust the boredom this summer.

love&logic Katie – my amazing friend, and the designer’s second cousin (third?) is a Love & Logic instructor extraordinaire.  I’ve learned much from her and from the theories of Love & Logic.  Not too long ago I proposed a wild idea to her…that of an online Love & Logic class.  Well, her new blog is what she calls, “baby steps” to this wild scheme.  Stop by, join in the conversation.  It’s free and well worth your time.  This gal is an incredible mom and has so much to offer!  If you’re around…check out her classes…once again…priceless!

prettyininc  PrettyInInc – my beautiful friend Tara has a gorgeous etsy shop full of delightful graphics not to be missed.  Buisness cards, shower invites, announcements, etc., each their own little beauty.  Check them out and keep her in mind!

Humaure in Austin – I know, I know…did I just write that?  Um…yup.  So there is a video attached, and the comments…wild.  I just couldn’t stop reading!

cupola   Cupola cooling – Recently, we toured our friends, the Sullivans’ off-grid and nearly completed home.  It was beautiful and had a cupola atop to boot.  I had seen plenty in Italy, but this Mother Earth News article does a great job explaining the science behind it and gives several ideas on cooling your home naturally and inexpensively.  A great read!

whatsonmyfood   whatsonmyfood – a hugely useful site that will tell you just what pesticides are lurking in your food.  What is allowed, not allowed, and what you can expect for consequences down the road.  It made me rethink a couple items we’ve been buying regularly. 

Enjoy your weekend!  The plein air contest begins tomorrow…so some paintings to post this weekend!  🙂

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