development – painting of parley’s main street office


My father has been a State Farm Insurance Agent for as long as I can remember.  He has worked in a few buildings in town, but this is the one where I began to spend my summers once I was 13.  I learned all about the inner workings of a self-owned business, took Polaroids of new client’s homes, customer service skills, filing, quotes, computer programs, and a little about insurance. 

As a child, I remember painting the office windows during holiday times, enjoying Santa’s visit on Main Street, Dad’s sled, and the excitement it brought.  Some of those later summers, I relished lunch time, when I could sit in the back patio, eat, listen to the fountain, engulf my latest read, or chat with Dad’s Secretaries…many of which became forever friends.  I also used to enjoy talking to the many Mandarin speaking clients on the phone when Janice was on the other line.  I loved to hear my Father speak to his Chinese and Taiwanese clients.  It made me smile to see him do it with such ease and skill.  He loves it.

Happy Birthday Dad…sorry it took me so long to finish!  Love you!

6 thoughts on “development – painting of parley’s main street office

  1. So fun, Katrina. I started working for your dad when I was about the same age, but it was the office next to B&B. I loved listening to your blond dad talk in Mandarin, and hear the English words pop out in the middle of the conversation. I loved having my own money to buy treats at the pharmacy on my break. So many memories!

  2. Thank you Trina you have done a great job of painting the office. You have such a talent I want to frame it and hang it there in the office. This will be one of my most memorable birthday gifts ever. thanks again love you Dad

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