delight – thankful for fathers

06.09 566

On this lovely Father’s Day, I am grateful for the Father’s in my life.  For those who’ve gone before and paved a way of freedom, happiness, learning, and love.

For my Father, who has lived a life of service, adventure, and kindness.

For a Father-in-law, who left a legacy to his children and grandchildren of determination and dedication.

For the designer, who has become the father I always wanted for my children.  The kind of dad who loves to read to his children, play with them, and offer comfort.  The father who forgives, protects, provides, and loves without guile.  The patient friend every child deserves.  The kind of Dad that is always thinking of his family and concerned for their happiness and health.  The kind of Dad that relishes the rain under a large umbrella, and when the floods begin, rescues his kiddos to safety.  The twinkle in his eyes (that I know to be like his Dad’s), one of mystery, mischievousness, and wisdom simultaneously…what’s not to love?

Happy Father’s Day designer…we’re so happy you are the father of our lil’ family!  We love you soo much!

06.09 678

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