thoughts – green voice of iran


Can’t help but contemplate the courage of a people deserving a voice

This day, my quiet voice offered further learning through literature.  One day.  It was only one day. 

And yet, across the world, the voices are shouting for change, choice, freedom, and democracy.  Their students are standing strong, against an unlawful wave of opposition.  They lead, and are being attacked as they offer their voice: some in protest, some quietly leading within their Universities. 

At times I wonder how I can help.  Prayer for the families and friends in loss.  Commitment to teach, continue to learn, to use the freedoms that at times I wonder if I truly deserve.  To teach my children that there is more to life than balloons, television, material wealth…that there is a world of knowledge out there to be discovered, used, and lives to be improved.

Tomorrow I will be wearing black and green.

(photo from the daily dish, via hidden in france)

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