kiddo daily delight – 2009 library picnic

06.09 685

It was a fun-filled, exciting day for the kiddos attending the Annual Library Picnic, as well as those of us putting on the event.  I saw Heather a couple hours ago, over at Berg Corner, and she asked if I was exhausted.  We both are!  But it was soo worth it.

As Kristi and I were about set up this morning (two tents, in case the rain fell a bit), the library books displayed began to get wet.  And the rain began to pour.  Fortunately, plan B brought nearly all the participants inside, and the show carried on!

Thanks to all of our friends and family who attended the event and for spending time with us doing kiddo daily delights.  Kristi and I’s voices may be sparse for a few days from all the storytelling and singing, but it was so worth it!  Thanks again Kristi, it was a beautiful day!  And special thanks to Scott and the designer for supporting we crazy gals!

06.09 688

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