kiddo daily delight – an egg is quiet by dianna aston


Thank you to all of our beautiful mommas and their kiddos that joined us this morning!  It was a gorgeous morning, shared, and learning with friends.  (Oh, was I grateful that the rain fell later!).

It was our largest group, with a special attendance by our Swiss-living cousins, Jessi, Abram & Chloé.  🙂


The kiddos were very interested and intruiged by An Egg Is Quiet by Dianna Aston.  We could have done several egg activities together!  They loved looking at the different shapes, colors, sizes, and creatures that arrive in various eggs.

We also got to take a closer look at the nest Sara had found in her yard a while ago, horse hair, dog hair, and recycling materials all included.  Once again, kiddos mesmerized with the nest that held small birds eggs.

As for our activity:  We decided to do our own egg hunt and went hiking through the nearby field looking for golf balls.

06.09 408

The grass is getting very tall, but I’d brought some back-up balls just in case….:)

06.09 407

After the kiddos has each found a golf ball of their own, they enjoyed embarking on their own safari, trudging through the tall grass, following one another.

And hiding :)…

06.09 412

Thanks again for joining us!  Hope to see each of you at the Library Picnic this Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm for more kiddo daily delights (every half hour)!

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