development – painting of val draper’s childhood home


Shhhh…Happy Father’s Day to Lesa’s Dad, Val!  I soo enjoyed painting this sweet Midway home.  Kathy (Lesa’s Mom), found some old photos for me to paint from so that it would look more like the home Val remembers.  My favorite photo was a close-up of Lesa’s sister, Amy, chasing after a chick…waddling down the driveway…when she was toe-headed and tiny!  What beautiful memories must have been shared there with the Draper clan. 

Thanks again, Lesa for giving me the opportunity to paint this sweet memory!

3 thoughts on “development – painting of val draper’s childhood home

  1. My internet use is sparse since we are at Kent and Ella’s – I am at the County library right now using the computer, but I had to see this masterpiece I watched you begin the other evening. Beautiful, Katrina!

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