delight – maile’s dance recital

06.09 474

The Dancer and I were able to attend her older cousin, Maile’s dance recital last night with her grandma, Aunts Traci & Brittany, and cousins Ashlynn, Rebecca & Maci.  Maile was incredible!  She was the star of the show.  The girls would get soo excited everytime she came on stage.  As was I.  Her animation, grace, and precicsion lit up the stage!  The show was very well done: great theme, numbers, costumes, lighting, and variety.  I can’t wait to go again next year!

06.09 465

Over the past couple weeks, I began thinking that the dancer would love to go with us (we had not planned for her originally), but clearly, she was meant to be there.  She loved every moment!

06.09 461

Her cousins were so good to take care of her, let her sit with them, hold her hand. 

06.09 471

After the show, she couldn’t stop watching Maile, and telling me, “she’s a dancer!” 

06.09 457

(The dancer and builder before the recital…she was soo excited!)

As we walked to the car, the dancer turned to me and said, “It’s my turn now.”  Yup, she wants to dance on stage one day…just like her beautiful cousin Maile!

06.09 452

(Getting ready…)

As we drove to meet up at Maggie Moo’s (a tradition for Maile and her grandparents), the dancer fell asleep.  Definitely a great outing.  She enjoyed it so much that it tuckered her right out!

06.09 480

The end of a perfect “Cousins night out” with Maile!

3 thoughts on “delight – maile’s dance recital

  1. Anneclaire could not get any cuter. Seeing her in these most recent pics I can see the little girl she is becoming. Such a sweetie. She is definitely her momma’s little girl.

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