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Our condo is nestled in the foothills of picturesque Midway.  It’s a beautiful spot where we have frequent deer visitors oustide our window and in our adjacent field, proximity to nature hikes, next door to the Homestead Golf Course, and incredible views.  But none of this would be quite as enjoyable if we didn’t have wonderful neighbors.

Swiss Oaks was designed and built to be a Second Home Community.  There are townhouses, condos, a clubhouse, tennis court, play-scape, and open-space to enjoy.  When we bought our condo in 2005, there were others that decided it would make it a delightful primary residence as well.  The once rarely visited community began to come alive more than just during holiday weekends.

Our building has 8 units.  6 of which, are primary residences: unprecedented in the community.  Just before we moved to Heber for 2 1/2 years, we had begun to make friends with several of our neighbors; in our building and in the adjacent buildings.  A retired couple, but mostly working couples and single working ladies.  Lovely people.  Though, I didn’t appreciate their friendship until we moved. (Isn’t that always the way it goes?)

When in Heber, our neighbors all lived on about 3 acres.  We rarely saw them and it seems like we only talked to them at church. Everyone did their own thing and that was ok.

This past month or so has been a beautiful reuniting with our Swiss Oaks neighbors, making new friends with new residents, and more of a community established.  Yesterday’s Garage Sale was a sucess: not because our garage is much cleaner, but because we had invited the entire community to participate.  There were only a few other sales other than ours, but the neighbors came out, visited with eachother; some for the first time.  Still others, came down from other buildings and introduced themselves.

The designer and I met a few families that own 2nd homes in Swiss Oaks that are new owners or whom we’d not met in the past.  Some were older with grandchildren, one couple had two young children, and another were dating (I think), :).  Just like our neighbor friends, all at different stages of life, various careers, backgrounds, and beliefs.  But all love this special place.


As the Yard Sale was beginning to end, a group of our neighbors were standing together chatting, laughing, and enjoying one another.  I’ve never seen anything like it in our community.  Later, some of them told the designer that they were happy we moved back so they could meet each other.  🙂

Two of our lovely neighbors helped the designer and I box up the remaining items to take to a donation spot.  It all happened so quickly, and we were so pleasantly surprised that they were so willing to help.  They didn’t ask or even offer.   They just began boxing things up.  In minutes, everything was in the back of the Sienna, ready to go.  Truly a smooth Yard Sale.  Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

The biggest blessing, however is the friendships that are beginning to grow within our little patch of ParadiseAnd that’s just what I’m beginning to think: neighborly friendship is Paradise.  No matter where we live, or who lives next to us.  It will always be a beautiful place if we take care of one another and become part of eachother’s lives.

Our next plan: neighborhood bbq!  Do you have a favorite neighborhood you’ve lived in?  What made it so special?  Are you still in touch with those friends that you’ve come to love?

4 thoughts on “theory – neighborly blessings

  1. You know how I feel about my neighborly paradise. I love our neighborhood, and especially my street. It didn’t start out so perfectly, though, and it’s taken years of inviting each other over for barbecues, inviting each other’s children over to play, attending a neighbor’s art exhibit, taking care of each other in hard times. It has built into something nearly perfect over time.

    • I couldn’t help but think of you while writing the post. When I read about your lovely neighborhood we were in the moving process. It has been an inspiration to me. Thanks for the reminder that it does take time, and a lot of giving!

  2. Hello Katrina,

    I’m so glad your grage sale was such a success! It feels so good to de-junk and get rid of things. For the past several weeks I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets and you name it just organizing. This time opted out of having a sale and it all went to the cancer socity thrift store.

    We also live in a wonderful friendly neighborhood. It feels so great to know and trust your neighbors.

    You have the best little blog. I have to start blogging and not being so boring! I do have a lot to post just so little time. Now with kids being home for summer….it’s busy!

    Take care,

    • Hi Brooke 🙂

      Thanks, it did feel great to get rid of stuff. Now I need to do what you’ve been busy doing, and go through everything again. We still have some stuff in the garage we think we can go through and do some further weeding. Hope so, then we can get the car in!

      btw, I love your blog and it is far from boring! Just keep on doing what you are. We love it!


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