giveaway – favorite place painting winner

Wow.  Thanks for all of your entriesI can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your favorite places, memories, and dreams.  Truly brightened my entire week.  So thank you!

I’d really like to give away a painting to each of you.  There were too many that were calling to me..such lovely places!   I’ve decided that anyone who entered the contest can have a painting of their favorite place at half price.  I sell paintings this size/time/detail for $100-150.  But for the next year, I will paint favorite places to the contestants for $50 each. 

As for today’s winner…there were 47 entries (4 of which were 2nd entries):


Kerri!  And with your second entry…congratulations!  Can’t wait to paint your little cottage!

Thanks again to everyone for celebrating with me.  It’s been a wonderful week.


5 thoughts on “giveaway – favorite place painting winner

  1. I TOTALLY want to take you up on your $50 offer for us contestants! Can you paint the San Elijo beach/ocean area? Do you need anything from me? Thank you! Your offer is so generous!

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