favs for this lovely week…

Exciting things happening next week: the daily delight’s first anniversary, and a giveaway to boot!  Can’t wait…really excited!  Meanwhile…some lovely places to check out:

alexbeauchamp   ever-thought-provoking Alex – Do you know Alex Beauchamp?  Like so many of you lovely ladies…she is an inspiration to me.  She’s always got something intriguing to say or do.  A couple of her latest greats are here and here.  One about listening in our modern world and another about safety for children, everyone really, and if we make the difference…check them out and let me know what you think. 

curbycloset   curby’s closet– ok girls, the dancer has two dresses from curby’s closet and they are precious as can be!  Little did I know, however, just how successful my friend Chris’ “little hobby” has become!  Check out her darling website, and etsy shop and decide for yourself.  Don’t have a daughter?  This lil’ closet will make you wish you had one!  (Oh, and yes, there is boy stuff too…:))

Block prints_lo   geninne’s handmade stamps – I’ve been a Geninne admirer for a while and am now going to do something about it!  I bought her recommended stamp supplies this week.  Can’t wait to see what beautiful items the kiddos and I will create.  Here is her stamp tutorial.  Wanna see more lovely Geninne?  Here’s her etsy shop.

babycakes  diaper cakes by christy – Have you seen diaper cakes?  I’ve seen a few, though I believe Christy’s cakes are the cutest I’ve seen.  No, you don’t eat these cakes…they are completely usable for your favorite lil’ one.  A fabulous shower gift…maybe even a group gift.  Check out Christy’s site, this jungle cake has all Burt’s Bees products in the cake…I love it!

Hope you’re all having a delightful weekend.  What are your weekend projects?  We’re preparing for next week’s garage sale and doing some handy work around the house. 



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