development – latest painting: “the craftsman dream”


Do you have a someday home that you’re dreaming and planning for?  Ours: a craftsman beauty, made with love, for our little family. 

The charming home depicted,  is in the Avenues of Salt Lake.  We admired the paint colors, architecture and design, as well as the use of raised planters in the mini front yard.  The designer is in love with the covered front porch (of course), as I swoon over the many windows.

Do you have a dream home?  Where is it, or where would you want it to be?  Does it fit under an architectural style (ranch, cape cod, contemporary, bungalow, etc.)?  What are your favorite parts of this lovely dream home?

*** Epilogue 6.12.09: Tonight we met the owners of this lovely home: Linda and Malcom Hastings.  A home truly tells of it’s owners; the Hastings are just as charming.  We chatted about their craftsman/neoclassical home, chosen as a model of “The Avenues: the front porch of Salt Lake”, on the Historical Homes Records,…  I told Linda how I love to paint en plein air.  She invited me to come and paint again, take a tour of their incredible home, and see the painting that will have it’s own special place when I return.  Definitely looking forward to it!  What a wonderful opportunity to meet the Hastings!  ***

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