favorite local homes: green home on center street

05.09 907

This Midway home looks gorgeous any Season, but for some reason, it is absolutely charming in Spring…perhaps it is the shadows from the trees in the yard, or the fact that it is the same hue as the tree’s foliage? 

05.09 911

The arching fence, that mimics the arched window casings, or the contrasting lilac bush in bloom?  Not sure, but I’m loving it!

05.09 913

An added bonus: the chickens & rooster parading through the yard.  Hang tight, I’m considering painting this lovely home for Plein Air Paradise 2009…will you be joining me?

2 thoughts on “favorite local homes: green home on center street

  1. What a darling home. I love it! I could spend hours just admiring old homes like these.

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