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greenpiano2-782011  design mom’s green piano – have you seen this invigorating piano renovation?  It made me happy.  A few months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to paint our dining table blue/turquoise, but since the move (and the lack of space), we have found it a happy new home with Tyler and Susan.  The designer and I have turned to new projects…I’m adding our piano to the list.  I’m thinking it would look fab matching our dining chairs: a pale yellow with moss green trim…

irisbra  iris wireless bra – After some contemplating, I bought the Iris wireless bra from Althleta.  They have an entire section of wireless bras to browse.  I’ve never been so excited about a bra.  (Okay, maybe a close second to buying my very first)!  Anyways, this one is ideal for sizes C-D.  My back feels great, and I am oh soo happy!

harissa  drug-free ibs remedies – so maybe some of you cringed when you saw my lastest crave: harissa.  And I don’t blame you.  Having food allergies is difficult, though, I am prepared and know what to avoid.  I’ve watched friends and family with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), wonder if they will be okay after enjoying a wonderful meal.  My heart goes out to all of you with IBS.  Here is a great article from Dr. Mercola about natural remedy IBS treatment.  There is a video, list of symptoms to help you decided if you have IBS, suggestions of foods to avoid, as well as to include in your diet.  If you have IBS and have found other helpful natural alternatives to drugs, I’d love to hear!

modgreenpod   mod green pod– fabric, textiles, and wallpaper all made with our health in mind.  Made in the USA, and no off-gassing (VOCs).  I’ve had a difficult time finding organic/eco-friendly wallpaper.  This company makes me happy.  Let me know if you’ve found others.

slctemple   Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Today we celebrate Aunt Kathryn’s birthday as well as the wood anniversary (5th) of the designer and I!  Looking forward to an afternoon of hooky with my partner in crime (slc temple and sushi).  🙂



4 thoughts on “discovery – friday favs

  1. the green painted piano is amazing. Never seen anything like it. Now I’m walking around my house looking at all our furniture with different eyes, imagining splashes of color and bold accents. W o W.

    The bra looks like a good one, too, although i’m nowhere near a C-D size (whine).

  2. okay, delightsgal, I haven’t been keeping up with your blog for awhile, but for some reason read about the painted piano and love the idea. What a fabulous idea. Now we just have to convince our husbands of it completely 🙂 Can’t wait to see it if you do it!

    • Glad you enjoyed it lady…the designer is on board…I’m considering painting the different parts of the piano either pale yellow or moss green (definitely a more abstract approach). I think your piano is in better shape than ours. 🙂 But a new splash of color would look just gorgeous I’m sure…I’d love to see a shiny gold piano or perhaps blood red. The kiddos enjoy the piano daily at present, but down the road, when they are in lessons…maybe that extra color will inpire them to play more than the stuffy brown one.

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