kiddo daily delights – frederick by leo lionni


Sara, Kristi, & their kiddos joined us for our kiddo daily delight this morning.  We began with a request from the builder to read “George and the Dragon.”  They loved it.  Then we read Leo Lionni’s Frederick.  After reading about the mouse who’s preparation for winter involved contemplating the colors, smells, feeling of Summer, Spring, and Fall…we began to do the same:

05.09 803

We used scarves to hide the items we were describing.  Oh, I loved hearing the descriptions and colors…!

05.09 804

Jack and his hidden rock.

05.09 805

The builder and his huge dump truck. 

After the kiddos had played our describing game to their fill, they enjoyed playing outdoors and indoors together.  The mommas?  Oh, just some great conversations.

Looking forward to next week!

fredericklionni(hmm…I’ll need to find another image, for you really can’t look into this book!)  🙂

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