development – lightning mcqueen & mater paintings for the hansen boys


It was one of those afternoons…the kind where I am soo tired, that as the explorer is napping and the other kiddos are happily enjoying the train track and world we’ve just created…that all I want is a nap…

The kiddos are okay with the thought of momma napping, so I dreamily descend the two flights of stairs to our bedroom.  Peaceful, simple, uncluttered…heavenly.

Then the phone rings…

The dentist’s office.  Again.  Wanting to change our appointment.  Again.  I was confused. 

Another attempt at a nap (as I was on the phone, the dancer asked if I was “awake now”).  🙂

Again interrupted. 

One more try, but the explorer woke….

Oh well.

So after dinner, when the designer offered me a break…oh did I snag it!

It was a productive break…three paintings later…

Here are the two for the Hansen Boys:


Even the designer was impressed with my work ethic when they returned from his mom’s…maybe it was just waiting to burst like the micro-thunder/hail storm that raged this afternoon, all of the rain dumping from our building into the kiddos’ window well!  🙂

4 thoughts on “development – lightning mcqueen & mater paintings for the hansen boys

  1. That sounds just like how my naps go! What wonderful paintings….our favorite from cars is Mater!

    You asked if I own a Madsen Bike. No, I’m just dreaming about it for now! It would be an awesome bike to own!

    I do love your page. I’m trying to remember how I came across it and it’s just not coming to me. I think it was one of your yummy recipes is how I found you!?!
    Thanks so much for all the kind words. Have a lovely rest of the week!


  2. What a cute idea for paintings! My naps are the same way. lol As soon as I doze off, the phone rings!

  3. Ladies,

    Thx for all your lovely comments! Oh, I love feedback. 🙂 As for my art selling, you can check out my archives (look in the 2nd collumn under pages and “painting archives”, or visit my etsy shop:

    Brooke, so nice to have you here!

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