kiddo daily delight – george and the dragon by chris wormell


One of the beauties of living at the condo are the fun new places the kiddos have to play with their toys.  Mostly, the window sills, but they also play on the carpeted stair landing.  Lots of light and a fabulous view are just some of the draws I imagine.

05.09 801

There’s something absolutely magical about watching them lit by sunshine, glowing, as they pretend play with their favorite animals and dinosaurs.

05.09 795

There are more than enough sills and window for them to each have their own special spot.  The animals and creatures end up in parade along all the sills…so much fun. 

05.09 794

So when at the library, we checked out a fabulous book about imagination and creatures: George and the Dragon, by Chris Wormell.  It is a delightful adventure about a ferocious dragon and an unexpected hero, George the Mouse, who ends up being invited to tea at the Castle.

The kiddos and I all enjoyed this wonderful story…read it twice in a row the first sitting.  🙂

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