kiddo daily delight – chinese wishing tradition


In China, children use bright red and orange paper to write their wishes.  The paper is rolled into a scroll, tied with string and an orange.  The orange is used as a weight to help the wishes get caught in the bamboo tree.

We wrote some wishes today on pages from a Pottery Barn catalog and tied it to an apple (we had no oranges today…and I liked the ease of tying it to the stem).  The builder wished to catch bananas with his string, and the dancer…she was just happy to draw on her paper.  🙂

05.09 652

05.09 656

Not sure who was more anxious to see if our wishes would hang in the tree…

05.09 657

The builder really wanted to hang it in our large shrub…but soon realized a sturdier tree was required.

The dancer’s wish landed on a branch, and the builder’s hung on the first toss…we were soo excited.  Later we saw birds happily enjoying the apples in the tree.

05.09 662

05.09 663

Much later, the builder was concerned that there was no wish and apple in the tree for the explorer…he had been busy watching and eating his crackers…we’ll have to make one for him tomorrow! 

05.09 653


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