discovery – friday favs

sandersresidence  Row House Remodel – This article goes out to Liz & I and anyone else out there embracing cozy, beauty and function!  I enjoyed reading about the 1100 sf remodel with a “vertical garden”, more light (I’m soo loving mine), more indoor and outdoor use/flow, oh, and I love how he used FLOR carpet.

grapes  grapes – good for your heart!  Great article about the antioxidant properties, lower blood pressure, and benefits of the skin, seed, etc.

roomdiv9  the sliding door company – i thought of my sister Ashley when I saw these beautiful doors.  She’s finishing her basement and was wondering about a door to her laundry.  I love sliding doors.  The Sliding Door Company has moving walls, closets, doors…beautifully designed and an architectural accent in any room.

soy  soy: good or bad?– recently I’ve been questioned a lot about soy products.  Here are two great articles that will give information on what soy to embrace, avoid, and help you make an informed and conscious decision.  The firstis by Dr. Mercola, the second found in Science Daily.  What is your soy opinion?

brawire  bra articles – A while back I read an articleon underwire bras and their dangers (lymph-node damages, cancer…).  Then I ran across another  where a woman’s Victoria Secret Bra made her sick.  Just wondering what you ladies think.  Do you have a favorite bra?  Are you willing to get rid of your underwire?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Gonna make some more spicy carrot soup for Seanna this weekend.  A lil’ girls nite out tonight, and hopefully some garage sale preparations tomorrow. 



3 thoughts on “discovery – friday favs

  1. I don’t think I’m willing to give up the underwire. They need help now! 🙂 I need to read these articles though and get educated first. Thanks for the info.

    • Oh you make me smile lady! You may have noticed (it was kind-of in sight), but after I read the article, I started wearing my sports bra except to go out (which of course is rare!) and to church. Last week though, I got a new bra that is WAY supportive and no underwire…it’s actually the most supportive bra I’ve ever had. I’ll have to write about it for Friday…:)

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