delight – more gardening/landscaping with grandma

05.09 677

Prep work for the new flower beds at the designer’s Mom’s house began this morning.  Plants and an arbor bought and set up. 

05.09 681

The dancer was a bit distraught when she saw the “mess” we made with the sod cutter.  But she soon got over it and was back to enjoying the yard, and her cousins.

05.09 696

Kathy’s crab apple is looking simply lovely right now!

05.09 686

The explorer was spoiled with Becca attention all afternoon.  🙂

05.09 700

05.09 711

Driver’s Training back in session for the season.

05.09 715

We were graced by princess Stevie’s presence!

05.09 717

Aww…friends!  Who’d a thunk that the designer and his next door neighbor growing up, Lesa, would have boys 8 months apart and love each other so…?  It’s a beautiful world!

2 thoughts on “delight – more gardening/landscaping with grandma

    • I wish I’d taken more photos…the girls were having so much fun. The dancer just adores Stevie and the boyz always have fun together. 🙂

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