kiddo daily delight – thai wishing tradition


We’re on our last week using the fabulous book, Wish, by Roseanna Thong.  Today’s wishing tradition comes from the Thai festival of Loi Krathong, where small boats are made from banana leaves and paper.  These boats are filled with candles, flowers, coins, and incense.  As the boats float down river, they take away bad luck and make room for good wishes to come true. (Oh, thank goodness…for we had an off-day for sure…thank-goodness Reesa was here to carry my sanity!)  🙂

05.09 606

Reesa helped the kiddos and I make paper boats from catalogs.  She found a great origami site that explained how to make them step-by-step.  Soon, she and I were folding boats left and right…making hats for the kiddos as we went:

05.09 609 05.09 615

We had a picnic dinner at Vivian Park (one of Provo Canyon’s amazing parks) and met Reesa’s friends for a long-boarding trip down the canyon.  First, we stood on a bridge and the designer helped the builder drop a boat over the bridge.  (Poor thing was taken over by the small rapids).

05.09 621

We tried another spot, but found it had  a small whirlpool…

05.09 624 With the builder’s latest walking stick, I pulled them from the grass, but we needed a new spot.

Across the road we joined the fishermen and after the kiddos tossed them in the Provo River…the boats really took off:

05.09 626

05.09 629

The explorer was trying to take a dip with the fish we saw, but I managed to take our shadow’s photo instead…the only time my legs look long…!  🙂

05.09 635 05.09 638

05.09 630

What bad luck are you willing to let go at the rivers edge?  🙂


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