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Ever designing the house  of my dreams, sometimes I begin to think there is only one good design for this family.  Though, which each move, I am reminded that there are many ways to live, and adapt in different homes…new systems to create and discover. 

In case you are joining other family members and friends, worrying for our 5 person family in a 2bedroom (definitely another post), 1450 sf condo…rest assured.  We are loving it.  Cozy and simple, we have everything we need and/or want right now, my knees are holding up quite well, muscles gaining strength from all the stairs, and overall relearning that bigger, truly, is not always better.

In the “White House” the Laundry Room was the most amazing thing I’d ever used.  There was a large sink for soaking, several built-in cabinets, room for two large drying rods that would hold up to 5 loads of drying laundry, shelving underneath where I could sort and store dirty laundry, and a counter-top where folding, drying, and storage kept it pretty cluttered and busy most of the time.  Another nice feature was that the kiddos could play in the shelving and on the floor as I worked. 


Yes, it was a good system, but, looking back, I realize now, that the laundry room made me feel a bit overwhelmed, and the task daunting.  Funny as it is, I am enjoying my new system better (yes, even different than the one we had while previously living in the condo). 

The laundry room isn’t much more than a glorified utility closet.  The furnace and water heater are slightly hidden behind the drying clothes in the first photo, a couple cupboards for linens (really only enough room for the nececities…which I’m finding is nice and less complicated).  There is a small space behind the door (not pictured, sorry), which is just enough room for a couple 48 hour kit bags and the vacuum.  So there is no room for anything extra.  Again: simply nice.

As for the sorting and dirty laundry…

05.09 641

There is a large closet under the stairs.  Adjacent to the two bedrooms, stairs, and laundry, its so easily accesible.  We now have one place to put our clothes when we’re done with them.  I don’t have to sort later as there is a box or hamper for the whites, darks, kiddo clothes, and reds…with space behind for the linens and blankets.  Each basket is the size of one load of laundry.  So I know just when a load needs to be done.  I’ve never had a better handle on staying up with the laundry, nor has it been more simple.  I’m in love with this new system!  And as everyone knows: a happy momma is a beautiful thing indeed!

2 thoughts on “development – the latest laundry system

  1. That’s a great system. Keeping the clothes in laundry sized containers so you know when you need to do a load is great! So many times my kids run out of clean socks because I don’t realize a load needs to be done. Also, you made me feel much better about a small home. Often I sit and sulk about our tiny 1600 sq foot home with three kids. We can’t sell right now and probably can’t for a couple of years. You gave me new hope that it is do-able!

    • Hi Liz!
      I loved your house…adding your new outdoor rooms will definitely make a difference. I’m amazed at how much better we’re using the space now that we are back and with more kiddos. I think what is helping the most is getting rid of the things we don’t need, so that everything has a place and is used. The space almost seems bigger that way. Not to mention how less overwhelmed I am with a smaller amount of things to clean up and organize. 🙂 Did you feel like it made a difference when Stan went to kindergarten? I keep thinking the space will seem even bigger in a year and a half when I only have two at home all day… xoxo, katrina

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