amazing ladies – maresa the trainer

05.09 510

Just in case you were wondering…my gorgeous sister is the one on the right!  Affectionately called, “Reessa” by the kiddos, she is loved by all that meet her.  Athletic, so smart, witty, intuitive, patient, and always soo much fun.  We were so lucky to spend a couple days with her while she had a break from her Physical Therapy Program at UNLV.  She’s all about heath and helping people…and she does it beautifully.

Btw, yes, she is single.  We’re still waiting for a super special guy to sweep her off her feet.  Know anyone?  The girl loves to read, laugh, play racquetball, long-board, snowboard, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, swim…just about any sport she’ll try.  She’s a forever friend, and artistic to boot.  I can’t tell you how much I love, appreciate, and admire her.

05.09 576

The kiddos adore her and she brings out the best in each of them.

05.09 597

They have fun together…no matter what.  She’s oh, so easy to be with, and ever thoughtful. 

05.09 601

Never a dull moment with Reesa…here she has inspired the builder to sing and march to “Hi Ho, Hi Ho…its off to work we go…!”

Meece is that sister everyone wishes for: she’s a great listener, supporter, offers good advice, and is always thinking of how she can help you.

Her strength is built from the inside out.  I love her determination and kindness…a perfect combination.  I look up to her in many ways, but mostly because I would love to be just as good as she is. 

I love you Meece! Thanks for taking time to be with us!  Best of luck this luck this Summer…you’re amazing!

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