kiddo daily delight – fhe and zulu wishing tradition


In South Africa, the Zulus have a wishing tradition that involves the striped weasel.  The creatures race like a train: one behind another.  When one is spotted by itself, a wish is quickly made.  It is believed that the weasel will carry the wish for as long as it takes for it to come true.

Well, we didn’t see any weasels tonight, but we did spot a couple squirrels alone.  Reesa is in town for a couple days and we wanted to do something special for fhe, so we went to Cascade Springs (near Sundance). 

05.09 493

We were the last to enjoy it this evening.  The cloud cover cooled things down near the beautiful series of waterfalls.  The dancer fell asleep on the way, so she rode in the stroller most of the outing.  The boys, and Reesa loved the adventure.  Reesa has decided our next extended family photo needs to happen there…a fabulous idea…the Japanese-style bridges make such a beautiful setting. 

05.09 540 05.09 530

05.09 538 05.09 537

The designer kept a hold on the explorer, for he was ready for a dip.  He tried to crawl backwards into the pools a few times.  At the meadow, near the top of the trail, we stopped for a snack and the dancer woke.  She really enjoyed the decent and was so excited about what she saw.  A wonderful evening.  So happy to spend it with Reesa.

05.09 549

05.09 525 05.09 513

05.09 516 05.09 517

05.09 536

Have you been to Cascade Springs?  Its one of our favorite spots…we’ll have to go again this summer…when the dancer can experience the whole event!


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