kiddo daily delight – irish wishing tradition


While reading Wish, by Roseanna Thong, we were reminded of the Irish tradition of dandelion puff blowing.  If one can blow all the seeds off the stem in one breath, a wish will be granted.  I always enjoyed blowing the seeds from a soft, white dandelion.  The kiddos are no different. 

05.09 127   05.09 125

On our Midway Main Street walk, from the Post Office to the designer’s office, we enjoyed picking dandelions.  This Spring/Summer, one of the goals we’re working on is respect for the flowers and plants.  We’re learning to smell the flowers and ask before we pick.  I let the kiddos pick the dandelions to their heart’s content.  They were very good to smell the gorgeous tulips blooming in nearly every yard.

05.09 121 05.09 130

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful walk.  Just my pace: slow & steady!  Though, by the end, the kiddos were a bit tuckered out!

05.09 131

As  for our dandelion puff wishing…

05.09 128 

05.09 129

it looks like we’ll have to work on that as well.  The kiddos huffed and puffed, but the seeds were very stubborn.  No wishes on the dandelions…

Though, at Brittany’s graduation luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building’s Garden Restaurant, the builder made up for it.  While we waited for our food, he made use of the nearby fountain, filling his pockets with the money within.  The designer let him keep them until the food came, and then he threw them all back before eating.  🙂  Yes, they are definitely learning from the kiddo daily delights! 


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