kiddo daily delight – wishing at the trevi fountain


One of my favorite public spaces in Italy was definitely Rome’s Trevi Fountain.  I wonder where those photos are…:)  Anyways, I spent more time watching than anything else.  We were there between terms, so at the peak of tourist time.  The square was full.  Students, Romans, cafe owners, guys selling roses, more tourists…  It was a facinating place: large, yet still cozy enough to sit for a long time and enjoy.  I remember a lecture from the professors there, though I don’t remember what they said…  I think I was too busy taking it all in.  The girls and I did throw a coin in I believe, but I don’t remember how many.

In Wish, by Roseanna Thong, the Italian tradition is explained: throw three coins over your shoulder (left), and you’ll get married.  Throw two and you’ll fall in love, and throw one, you’ll return to Rome.  A lovely tradition.

Sometimes, as parents, we wonder what is sinking into our kiddo’s brains.  As Gayle took a minute with me, explaining her family’s girl’s retreat tradition, the kiddos were parked next to her beautiful fountain running under a statue of happy, playful children.  I checked on them a couple times, but when I went to leave, the builder proudly told me that he had thrown all our loose change into the fountain.  I asked him if he’d made a wish, and then took a couple photos of he and the dancer thowing a couple more pennies into Gayle’s (now very luckily filled fountain)!



No doubt about it, kiddo daily delights are working!

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