discovery – friday favs

05.09 190   pandora jewelry – thanks to Ashley, for Brittany’s graduation gift, the designer’s mom & siblings gave her the “latest craze”: a pandora charm bracelet. Each charm represented a memory or something that reminds us of our fav lil’ sister Brittany. Congrats girl, we love you!

bruehl-blanche-sofas   bruhl furniture – modern, gorgeous, functional, and sustainable.  I love it!

athletatankini   athleta tankini – are you as excited as I am for swim weather?  What are your favorite places to swim shop…do you enjoy it?  It’s not my favorite, but I’m hoping this cutey will cover and give the support this movin’ and groovin’ momma needs! 

mercola’s flu advice – so maybe we’re not so afraid of the swine flu, but how about learning a few tricks to ease a common flu?   Avoid the wives tales and get some up-to-date info.

dominomag  domino magazines – my awesome sister Traci gave me some back issues of Domino for my birthday!!!  How cool is she!  So she bought them on ebay…lovely.  Thanks so much lady, I am so enjoying them!

askofridge   fridge for the designer – i saw this fridge from Asko and thought of the designer.  It’s modern lines are beautiful, the function, and durability.  Anyone out there have Asko products?  What do you think?

So more products than articles this week…though its fun to imagine right?  Have a wonderful Spring weekend…we’ll be hangin’ with the designer’s family and enjoying this fine Mother’s Day Weekend.  Enjoy all you ladies!


trina…here are a few more favs from brit’s graduation:

05.09 283 05.09 141

05.09 278 05.09 231

05.09 267 05.09 230

05.09 204 05.09 228

05.09 199 05.09 250

05.09 189

2 thoughts on “discovery – friday favs

  1. Great family picts. Isn’t spring time in Utah the best?

    Pandora jewelry is lovely but like the Mercedes of jewelry, no? (as in pricey!!)

    Happy mama’s day.


    • Happy mum’s day to you too terresa! Yes, I adore Spring in Utah…Mother Nature really puts on a fabulous show after a long Winter! 🙂 I think you’re right about Pandora being expensive, though we found a “pandora style” charm for Brittany (they didn’t have what we were looking for) on ebay and it was way reasonable…I think you just have to look around a bit. 🙂

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