kiddo daily delight – fhe at the state park & brazilian wishing tradition


Outdoor family home eveningsreally are my favorite!  Tonight we walked to the state park to see the ducks and enjoy the playscape.  On the way there is much to see and enjoy: horses, birds, and the ditch is full of melted snow.


In Wish by Roseanna Thong, we’ve been reading about New Year’s Day in Brazil, how the people make wishes in the ocean.  After jumping 7 waves and tossing flowers and hair combs to the goddess of the sea, “Yemanja”, will make their wishes come true.

It was a bit cold for jumping in the water, but the kiddos enjoyed throwing feathers, flowers, rocks, and large sticks to our goddess of the pond:







Wonder what the goddess of the pond will think of our gifts?  🙂

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