amazing ladies – grandma lois


So I’ve been contemplating a simpler life with less, contentment, and of course, a creative search for beauty.  Amidst it all, I can’t help but admit that my Grandma Lois has been that perfect example I have been seeking.

She is a strong woman: a mother of seven, 31 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren (so far, if I’ve counted correctly).  My grandpa Jack was a sheepherder (in fact, he just retired this past year).  Sheep weren’t profitable enough for the family of 9.  My grand-mother worked, found all sorts of ways to bring in extra money and provide for her family.

Creativity made all the difference as she made do with what they had and taught her children music, dance, piano, a love of learning, sewing, crafts, an open mind,…the list is endless. 

My beautiful Aunt Michelle helped her plan a family room addition just before she past (another amazing lady I need to write more about).  Before that, the small 3 bedroom home (help me out fam, maybe 1800 sf?) had been the resting place for 9 people, sheep hands, and friends a plenty.  Not to mention all the marrieds that entered the family, grand-kiddos, etc.

The ranch is in a simply lovely spot.  Fields, views, large trees, a garden.  I can see why she has loved it.  Nothing main stream society would covet, though this grand-daughter would give anything to have the beautiful simple life she created. 

All that she loved and needed were her children’s happiness.  Don’t get me wrong.  She knows how to find daily delights.  In fact, her quilts are to die for…oh if you could have seen her grown children at Christmas: fighting over her quilts! 


It was all in good fun, though, you could see how much they all valued their mother’s creativity and skill.


(Yes, the shorty in the photo is me, standing in and representing my parents who were not at the celebration).

Starr, the piece hanging over the mantle is your mother’s…I love it so!  It fits the “new” family room perfectly, and of course represents the beautiful life that my grandmother so happily embraced!


The funniest part of the Christmas Quilts was when my grandpa Jack opened his gift.  “After all this time, you’re not going to put one of these on our bed now are you?” 

They’ve just been so happy with their simple and same spread forever…as long as my 32 years can remember.  Then he got even funnier when grandma explained that it was made of his old shirts.  We weren’t sure if he was disappointed or just too surprised to react!  🙂  Good natured as he is, he just looked at each one and mentioned that he wondered where “this one” had gone…that he’d just worked it in, the holes in the elbow were in the perfect spot!

Thank you Grandma Lois for always giving your heart in all that you do.  You’re an inspiration to all of us, and I know that if not already, one day, we’ll all have that desire to be just as happy with that creative and simple life that you’ve created!  We have some large shoes to fill!



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