kiddo daily delight – russian wishing tradition


Another fun activity from Wish by Roseanne Thong: a Russian wishing tradition.  When finding a coin, if you put it in your shoe (preferably the left), a wish will come true, and you will have good luck on your road ahead.  Is this where the penny loafers came from?  A similar tradition in Moscow is to throw a coin over your shoulder in the Red Square, just in front of the Resurrection Gate.  The Resurrection Gate is where distances are measured in Russia.

Here are some lovely shots of the fountain:


This first one by culturalvisions’ on flickr is simply charming!


The second, another flickr find by Bryan, shows the famous horses riding in the fountains.


Lastly, the Resurrection Gate…oh how I need to visit Moscow!

For our activity today, the kiddos and I placed a lucky coin in each of their boots:

0409-635  0409-634

We talked about  different coins and they separated them:

0409-633   0409-632

Then we played a little hide-n-seek with a dime, nickle and penny…they would watch me move the small bowls and try to follow or guess which one hid the penny:


They took turns doing the moving as well.

I showed them how each coin was a different size.  We decided which was biggest and smallest by stacking them and seeing if one was hidden.

Soon the dancer was stacking the coins:


I picked up a penny, showed the builder that it had 1979 on it, the year daddy was born.  Soon he was giving me the coins one by one, having me tell him something that happened during the year shown on each coin.

A simple activity turned into a series of games and learning for the kiddos.  🙂

Sorry there was no kdd yesterday, but there will be one tomorrow!

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