development – hanging the art


I think one of the hardest part of moving is feeling like the list never ends.  We got back from the OC and I thought we were moved in.  Though, there is still much to do.  I think it will be easier to tell what really needs to be done after and just before the yard sale. 

The designer has felt my worries and stress and gave me some fabulous advice last night when I broke down (yes, I do that)!  🙂  He reminded me that I needed to look at the good I’ve accomplished each day and not those things I have not had the time to do.  Oh, how I love him so!

Each night he has tried to help me organize in some way, get the house more put together.  It’s coming.  Meanwhile, we got almost all of the art hung the other night.  For some reason, having it up makes the home more complete (despite the fact that there are a few things I still cannot find…buried, I’m sure, in the garage).  🙂 

What is it that makes you feel more complete after a move or change in your life?


7 thoughts on “development – hanging the art

  1. I am a routine girl. Establishing routines for each new thing has always helped me to feel more control over things. Having committment from all the house hold members to the new routines is the key to me keeping them to, I think.
    Moving can be hard, I hope you are able to find peace with it soon! Its also a great time to simplify everything though too! Try going just one room at a time, and make sure everything has a place. If it doesn’t have a place, get rid of it. If it has meaning, but you just don’t know what to do with, take a picture of it, and sell it.
    I feel my best when I have a gutted a room, and feel most satisfied when I have gotten rid of everything, but the needs.
    I go through my kids toys and stuff often, and I just keep a couple of things. Recently I went through all their toys, I bagged up 4 garbage sacks of toys, and 1 of stuffed animals. It was hard, especially with the stuffed animals, but I just kept the nice big toys that they got for christmas, and only kept the little toys that they can’t part with, or the ones that are parts to the big toys, and once it was all garbaged up, I couldn’t see what it was anymore, and I didn’t care. I was a huge feeling of satisfaction to take each of the garbage sacks out to the car to take to the D.I.
    I do that with my clothes too. I only keep enough clothes on hand to last me 7 days. I love getting rid of stuff, and I am accumulating stuff less.
    Anyway, that is just the way I help myself feel peace with things.
    I hope you are able to enjoy the process though too. I find that once I complete somthing, I am always itching to do something else, and make a mess while I am at it. lol
    Love you!

    • Wow, Julia,
      Thanks so much for your insight and suggestions. I’m a routine girl myself, and you’re right, I need to take it one day at a time. luvs!

    • Hilma,
      🙂 It’s soo nice to be back. I loved seeing you at church. Please come over soon and visit. I think we understand the space so much better the second time. I keep thinking about Starr…sending happy thoughts her way. Is she still working? I’d love to go on a walk with the two of you. 🙂 hugs!

  2. moving is a sensitive subject for me, i cant even tell you how much. i read your post and felt envy that you are already hanging your art work. i have packed my house 4 weeks ago only to see our belongings again in about 4 months. in the mean time we flew 16 hours across the Atlantic from LA LA land to the holly land with a dog a cat, 2 kids, 4 laptops and 12 suitcases. i cant even begin to explain to you the weight. we are staying with my parents looking for a house. hopefully will find one sooon. thank you for listening.
    i just had to vent…. 🙂 i hope i will be hanging art work soon.

    • Ohhh Tali,
      I was just thinking about you yesterday…and your wonderful list ( of creative activities to do with your kiddos outdoors. I am sending you a HUGE hug! Moving is soo hard. We were married 5 years ago this month and this is our 6th move. We cut a few corners this time, however, because we lived in this condo of ours a few years ago. So we knew the space already. As we moved our stuff bit-by-bit, each evening, we had a plan for furniture, room funciton, and of course I was thinking about where to put the art. Your new home search is so much more challenging and living with parents (as wonderful as they are to allow you), can be a difficult transition for everyone. My heart goes out to you. I wish we were close enough to help. I will be sending happy thoughts your way. Hoping you will find the perfect place to nurture those creative kiddos of yours, and to hang your beautiful art. Now, I guess I’ll have to come to the Holy Land to meet you one of these days. You are an incredibly beautiful person…on my short list of people I would love to know better! Love and prayers, trina

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