discovery – friday favs


Just read a postcard from Anne-Mette (my Swiss big sis).  Oh, how I miss you Anne!  I can’t believe that Torben is 2 years old!  Wish we were vacationing with you in Dive, Danah, and the Red Sea…:)

So a few favorite finds from this week:

signingtimesale   signing time dvd sale– Do you do signing time or baby signing time with your kiddos?  Have you been wondering if you should try it out?  Now is a great time…all dvds are $17.99, and will not be forever.  I also noticed that if you buy 3 you can get 10% off as well.  I love signing time!

swine-flu-pig   swine flu 411– Ok, so the paranoia has set in.  Are you feeling it?  Here is a fabulous (so many hits the other day that their servers went down) article that should answer any questions you may have without the media hype.  History (there was a similar outbreak in 1976), prevention, vaccination info, remedies, and most importantly: the facts.  Let me know what you think…it sure has given me some peace of mind.  Always important to be prepared instead of in absolute fear! p.s. no, that is not the dancer kissing the pig…:)

oreganooil   oregano oil article– Want to boost your immune system to fend off the swine or other flu?  Have you ever used oregano oil?  This informative article by Bill Sardi was brought to my attention by my sister Ashley.  Thanks girl!

citychickens   chic chicken raising in the city – I’m all about the best eggs.  The kiddos and I were driving back from the post office this evening and I noticed the cutest chicken coop (I’ll have to take a photo this weekend).  But this article tells you how to realistically enjoy chickens anywhere: improving your compost, and eating the best eggs. 

Did you enjoy the globe mallow at the beginning of this post?  I was in heaven driving between Vegas and the OC, for the globe mallow is in abundance this year.  It wasn’t hard to get a photo of my favorite wild flower, for our potty breaks were very frequent! 

Have a wonderful weekend! (and take some Vitamin D tomorrow!) 🙂


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