development – some artfully handmade birthday cards


Last night, the dancer announced that she wanted to paint.  No, she did not ask, it was more of a request.  🙂  And here is part of her creation.  I love her creative juices that flow at a demand at times.  Wisdom taught to this momma from the dancer: sometimes we need to create.  And it is important to follow that instinct.

This morning, I followed mine…to create some homemade birthday cards for two special ladies born on May Day: Stevie Kate (3 yrs) and Aunt Nellie (98 years).  Both are very special to our family and we were excited to celebrate with them today. 

Using the dancer’s painting, hand-torn catalogs, and left over paper….


Cards created with love.  My favorite part of the cards were cut from the dancer’s paintings.  I can’t wait to see what she will create next!

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